Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

I was recently sent over some Hard Candy Cheeky Tints to check out. Cheeky Tints are a water-light gel blush that give you a natural flush to your cheeks. What I love most is that the color really lasts all day long. 

I was sent Geisha, Surfer Babe, and Goddess. Now I have to admit, when I looked at these colors I was extremely nervous. They seemed so dark and bold...how would they look on my rather pale and slightly olive skin tone? Actually, not bad at all! The colors blended in super easy and really worked with my natural coloring.

First I tried Goddess. This color had me the most nervous because it looked quite dark when it came out of the tube. No need to be concerned though...it blended in for a nice summery glow. I actually think this shade was my favorite of the three.

Next I moved on to Surfer Babe. Adding a slight hint of pink to my cheeks gave my face some life. It was pinch your cheeks pink perfection!

Finally, I tested out Geisha. This shade was slightly red and very romantic. Perfect for a night out with your someone special...dare I say, Valentine?

The Hard Candy Cheeky Tints line as six shades in all, and I think I need to get the other three to try! The best part is that they are only $6 at your local Walmart.

Rainy Day Hair

To be honest, I hate wearing my hair up. I think I look odd without my hair framing my face. I literally never wear it up...unless it's a rainy or humid day, then I rethink this. Like today for instance, my hair is up. But, it's a mess, and just not cute. So I started to research what adorable updos are on trend that I could try out and wanted to share them with you all as well.

Upgrade your ponytail in nine way.

Rag & Bone's runway show was all about the messy bun.

Check out these 15 braided hairstyles we all must try!

Not really an updo...but the half bun might be more my speed.

Maybe I'll experiment with some braided ponytail looks this afternoon. If I'm successful I'll surely be posting them on my Instagram. So stay tuned!