Spotty Dotty

I don't know about you, but polka dots are my weakness. Seriously guys...I cannot have enough of them!!!

dress express tights asos loafers zara bag brooklyn industries with dog 1.JPG

And in my mind there is nothing like pairing a classic print with some bold accessories to really make the look pop. Even though red isn't my favorite color (can you believe that!?!), it actually is one of my favorite colors to wear. It looks good with just about everything...and with a polka dot print it is so timeless.

dress express tights asos loafers zara bag brooklyn industries with dog 3.JPG

What is your favorite print to wear? Are you always seen in spots or wearing stripes? Do you love busy patterns or keep it simple in solids?

dress express tights asos loafers zara bag brooklyn industries with dog 5.JPG

I Heart NYC

As many of you know I have lived in NYC for quite some time. Chris and I even moved away for a few years and moved back. I thought it would be fun to tell you my top ten favorite things to do in NYC.

sweater- J.Crew, jeans- Highline Collective available at Lord & Taylor,  booties- ASOS

sweater- J.Crew, jeans- Highline Collective available at Lord & Taylor, booties- ASOS

1. The best food you can imagine. Also, any food you can imagine!

2. Walking along the waterfront in Brooklyn and overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

3. All the fun events! For instance, next weekend I'm going to a croissant tasting event with my friend Rachel. I mean, where else do you get to do fun and random stuff like that?

4. Sample sales! These are always going on (and typically a lot of them happen near my office in Midtown) and you can get the most amazing deals. If you haven't been to one before you gotta check one out!

5. NYC has amazing coffee shops. I was talking to a friend over the holidays when we were both back home visiting our parents and we said that coffee culture is definitely something our hometown is lacking. Here in NYC you can find some seriously amazing spots for a caffeine fix.

6. Dog parks are the best. They are definitely one of Rocko's favorite places in the city. We spend a lot of our time there during the spring and summer.

7. New York Fashion Week is one of the perks about living here. I can attend events and shows as they fit into my schedule which is great. I cannot wait for NYFW next month!

8. You might not think that farmer's markets in a city are any good...but they are so amazing!

9. As much as I hate the subway sometimes, easy access to public transportation is great. It gets you where you want to be super fast (when there aren't delays that is!).

10. THE CULTURE!!! On any given day I can go to a museum or see a Broadway show or soak up some local history.

What do you love most about NYC?!?!

In Living Color

Yes, you know my typically struggle of getting away from wearing black. I feel like this dress still keeps me in my basic black comfort zone while throwing fun prints and pops of bold color in your face. The elastic around the wrists and the collar makes it kind of sporty, and yet the ruffle hem keeps it feminine. I kind of love it.

Also I kind of love the price. I got it for $9.99 the other day at Zara. I don't see it on their website (which is why I didn't link it) but try stopping by their store. They are having a huge sale on 95% of the store right now.

Also, I kind of love dressing like my dog. I mean, how cute are we?!?!

Yes, I'm weird.

zara dress detail 2.JPG

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!!! xoxo

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Review & Giveaway

If you are looking to make your lips full and keep them hydrated, Hard Candy has a great product that is coming out in February.

Disclaimer: This product was sent over for my review, however, all opinions are my own.

Disclaimer: This product was sent over for my review, however, all opinions are my own.

Their Plumping Serum comes in 24 great shades that instantly look great on their own or over your favorite shade of lipstick. My friends at Hard Candy sent over two of their new shades (first kiss and skin deep) for me to try.

To be honest, I don't really need too much extra plump in my pucker. I've been blessed with rather full lips and often find that lip treatments that claim it plumps rarely works for me. But I have to say that, this one did add a little extra fullness. The gloss went one great and the colors were super flattering. I can't wait to throw these two shades into my lip hue rotation!

Now the good news for you! Hard Candy is giving three lucky Snapshot Fashion readers Plumping Serum!!! Here are the rules to enter to win (and please follow them carefully):

-You must be a US resident.

-You must follow Snapshot Fashion on Instagram and leave a comment.

-You must follow Hard Candy on Instagram.

-All entries must be submitted by Wednesday, January 17th at 6pm eastern time.


Adding In Some Color

It's so very rare that I'm not wearing black in one way or another. But I managed to put together an entire look with no black (and no brown or navy either!).  I've added in pops of rather neutral colors to add some warmth to my outfit. Let's break it down...

teddy bear coat- Warehouse (bought from  Keiko Lynn 's closet sale),  dress- Miss Patina available at ModCloth , tights- Express,  loafers- c/o LF/LIFE

teddy bear coat- Warehouse (bought from Keiko Lynn's closet sale), dress- Miss Patina available at ModCloth, tights- Express, loafers- c/o LF/LIFE

The Dress: I decided to wear a dress that is a rather neutral color, a deep green. In certain light it almost looks navy. The green paired with gold, white, and burgundy brush strokes makes it seem colorful and fun without being too bold or over the top. Hey, baby steps!

The Coat: Wearing a coat that's color is as soft as the texture (I mean who doesn't love teddy bear coats?!?!) it a double winner in my book. This very light pink coat also pairs so well with the red tones from the burgundy.

The Shoes: Who wants to wear boring black or brown shoes when you have the option of metallic? I love the way these gold loafers pair with the gold buttons and gold flecks of color on the dress.

Modcloth Miss Patina Dress Express Tights LFLife Loafers 2.JPG

The Tights: Lastly, we need to talk about legwear. Personally, I live for tights! I feel that they finish every outfit off...and depending on the color and style can really change an outfit completely. I paired this dress with some more burgundy...because, well why not?!

I want to know how you incorporate color into your everyday looks. Are you subtle about it? Do you go bright and bold? Do you not wear color at all?