How To Get Invited To Fashion Week

Earlier this week I posted an Instagram Story explaining my tips on getting invited to New York Fashion Week and what has worked for me in the past. I thought I'd take a moment to get it all written down and give you all a guide to Fashion Week.


First things first, you need to figure out what days you'll be in town (or if you live in the fashion week city of your choice, when you'll be able to attend). For instance, I live in NYC. So you would think that I would be able to go to any show. Not so. I work full time and the last few seasons the shows have been nowhere near my office. So I'll typically keep my evenings and weekends free during NYFW...because you never know what last minute invite to a show, presentation, or event will come your way.

Be realistic! Odds are Chanel will not be reaching out to you, and the likelihood of a front row seat will be slim to none (but it can happen as it has happened to me a number of times...more on that another time). Even if you request a very high profile show you might not get an invite. Be prepared for rejections. It happens to everyone! Try shooting for shows that newer designers are holding. Your chances of getting on their guest lists are a bit higher.

Be sure to check out the the official calendar. This step is so important. This calendar shows the bigger runway shows and presentations. I will always look to see what shows are happening on the dates that I'm free to try to snag a ticket. Three things to note: 1) These are not all the shows that happen. There are so many more (typically smaller) shows! 2) Events are not captured on this calendar. 3) This list is always being keep checking back!

When you decide which shows are of interest it's time to send out an email to their PR Contact. How do you find out the email addresses? It's typically quite simple. Go check out the designer's website and click on their contact link. You'll find the PR Contact there. You'll want to keep the email short and sweet. Explain who you are, how you'll cover the collection, and be sure to include your media kit. You'll want to email them a month or so ahead of time (I always email as soon as I see shows on the calendar). About a week and a half before the shows I always follow up with anyone that I haven't heard back from. You never know what availability will open up.

Another way to get invited to shows and events is through GPS Radar. I have the app on my phone and use it all the time. A few of my friends have tried to sign up with them during fashion week and had little luck. You might want to download the app now to get a step ahead.

Lastly you'll want to keep an eye on your spam folder. I have lost out to a number of invites because I didn't look in my spam folder. Trust me, you don't want to miss out!

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. And if any of my readers are planning on attending NYFW be sure to let me know. It's always a great opportunity to meet up with readers and other bloggers. See ya in September!

Angela Mitchell- F/W 2018

Emerging designer sisters Krystal and Marilyn Lavoie presented their Angela Mitchell FW18 collection with a presentation during New York Fashion Week. I was lucky enough to snag an invite and see their amazing collection up close.

Angela Mitchell 5.jpg
Angela Mitchell 2.jpg

Krystal and Marilyn were inspired by their journey through Morocco's Tizi n'Tichka road, which is considered one of the most beautiful and dangerous in Morocco.

Angela Mitchell 3.jpg

This collection is bold in color, uses high end leather, and select pieces are even encrusted in semi-precious jewels.

Yuna Yang- F/W 2018

Yuna Yang's Fall/Winter 2018 season is titles "Love Yourself". Yuna wanted to send a message out about the importance of loving yourself. Love was seen inscribed on several pieces in this collection that was filled with bright colors, beautiful floral patterns, and lace.

*photos from Yuna Yang

*photos from Yuna Yang

yuna yang 2.jpg
yuna yang 1.jpg

I'm sure many of you saw my videos of the show in my Instastory yesterday. It was a rather intimate engagement, as it was held in a beautiful townhouse on E. 9th Street.

Thanks again to the team with Yuna Yang who let me be a part of this!

Son Jung Wan- F/W 2018

One of my favorite designers to follow during NYFW has to be Son Jung Wan. I went to one of her shows a few seasons back and I was so delighted to get an invite to her show this season.

Her show this season (F/W 2018) was all about bright and bold colors and mixing fabrics (from silk, to denim, to velvet, to fur). I personally loved the amazing outerwear and all of the embellished pants. I know I'm normally a dress girl...but maybe next season I'll be rocking some serious bell bottoms.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show...

*photos from Son Jung Wan

*photos from Son Jung Wan

Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 9_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 16_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 12_preview.jpeg
Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 Look 23_preview.jpeg

NYFW- Francesca Liberatore

This morning I attended the Francesca Liberatore Spring/Summer 2018 runway show and it was full of flowing fabrics, bold prints, beautiful colors, and lace.

Femininity took over this show. The addition of lace, silk, and ruffles brought a ladylike feel to some of her menswear inspired pieces.

Francesca Liberatore's collection was inspired by time travel, the Middle East, watch mechanisms, rural America, plane engines, Antoinette's France, and beauty resplendent in all of her forms.


If you didn't see my coverage of the show on my Insta Story or my Snapchat, please be sure to follow along!