Rainy Day Hair

To be honest, I hate wearing my hair up. I think I look odd without my hair framing my face. I literally never wear it up...unless it's a rainy or humid day, then I rethink this. Like today for instance, my hair is up. But, it's a mess, and just not cute. So I started to research what adorable updos are on trend that I could try out and wanted to share them with you all as well.

Upgrade your ponytail in nine way.

Rag & Bone's runway show was all about the messy bun.

Check out these 15 braided hairstyles we all must try!

Not really an updo...but the half bun might be more my speed.

Maybe I'll experiment with some braided ponytail looks this afternoon. If I'm successful I'll surely be posting them on my Instagram. So stay tuned!