Gift Guide: Subscription Boxes

Some people are practically impossible to shop for. When you ask them what they want they can't even give you a few ideas. Makes shopping super difficult, right? Trust me, I have had a few of these this year. Even though I was able to get my shopping done if it happens again I might go the route of the subscription box. I have given these a few times in the past and they were always a hit. Here are some of my favorites (some I have tried, and some I really want to).

BarkBox- This is perfect for the pet or pet lover in your life. Subscriptions start at $35 for one month.

Birchbox- Always a go to for the person in your life that is into hair, makeup, and skincare. This subscription box is super affordable (starting at $10 a month) and the samples they provide are top notch. Don't forget they have subscription boxes available for men too.

Dollar Shave Club- This is perfect for the man in your life! Razors are expensive and having fresh ones sent to you all the time would make anyone feel pampered. Packages start at 3 months for $55.

BuddiBox- This box is perfect for the yogi in your life. This gift box has deluxe samples and full-size yoga products starting at $34.95 + $5 shipping a month.

Do you have a favorite subscription box that you have given or received in the past? Please share!