Adding In Some Color

It's so very rare that I'm not wearing black in one way or another. But I managed to put together an entire look with no black (and no brown or navy either!).  I've added in pops of rather neutral colors to add some warmth to my outfit. Let's break it down...

teddy bear coat- Warehouse (bought from  Keiko Lynn 's closet sale),  dress- Miss Patina available at ModCloth , tights- Express,  loafers- c/o LF/LIFE

teddy bear coat- Warehouse (bought from Keiko Lynn's closet sale), dress- Miss Patina available at ModCloth, tights- Express, loafers- c/o LF/LIFE

The Dress: I decided to wear a dress that is a rather neutral color, a deep green. In certain light it almost looks navy. The green paired with gold, white, and burgundy brush strokes makes it seem colorful and fun without being too bold or over the top. Hey, baby steps!

The Coat: Wearing a coat that's color is as soft as the texture (I mean who doesn't love teddy bear coats?!?!) it a double winner in my book. This very light pink coat also pairs so well with the red tones from the burgundy.

The Shoes: Who wants to wear boring black or brown shoes when you have the option of metallic? I love the way these gold loafers pair with the gold buttons and gold flecks of color on the dress.

Modcloth Miss Patina Dress Express Tights LFLife Loafers 2.JPG

The Tights: Lastly, we need to talk about legwear. Personally, I live for tights! I feel that they finish every outfit off...and depending on the color and style can really change an outfit completely. I paired this dress with some more burgundy...because, well why not?!

I want to know how you incorporate color into your everyday looks. Are you subtle about it? Do you go bright and bold? Do you not wear color at all?