Dear Snapshot Fashion...

One of my favorite things about having a blog is when I hear from readers. Whether it be content feedback, info on new trends/designers, or emails regarding style advice...I love it all. That engagement between blogger and reader is what keeps me going.

I got an email from a reader the other day requesting some style advice, and thought I'd share an excerpt from it along with my tips.


Hi Diane,

My name is Amanda and I'm a twenty six year old dance teacher from Chicago, I teach mostly ballet and some tap and jazz. Sooo at work I don't get to dress up as I'm in my dance attire and outside of work I am stuck in a total rut consisting of jeans, leggings and boots. I made a New Years resolution that I will greatly expand my wardrobe and start wearing dresses and skirts as much as I can and also try to get away from black and add more color. Being in Chicago it gets very cold and windy here so tights are a must with any skirt or dress but I feel like that's good because it adds another accessory and color to add to my outfit. I came up with some outfits I was thinking of trying but really need your guidance and opinion. Any help would be much appreciated.


The four outfits Amanda is needing some advice on are: outerwear and legwear options to pair with a floral romper (other than black), shoes to finish off a pale pink and pastel green look, a cozy sweater dress and knit tights look, and pieces on finishing off a black leather skirt/red tights look. Let me tell you something Amanda...I am so impressed with your outfit ideas!

I feel like I am in the same boat as you are: always wearing black. It's a tough habit to break, as black is so easy, chic, and on trend. Colors can be tricky. But I have to say I have been adding more and more colors to my looks thus far this year, and it just adds something more to your outfits.

OUTFIT #1- Romper/Tights/Outerwear

Yes I think pairing a black leather jacket and black tights would be the most simple option. But you can totally make this more fun with color. Draw colors from the floral romper. If you have a romper with purple and blue flowers wear some purple tights and a navy jacket. A simple switch like that will make your outfit look so much more interesting.

OUTFIT #2- Pairing Shoes with Pastel Hues

This is definitely a bit trickier, as you don't want to come across looking like an Easter egg! I would recommend doing either of the following: match your shoes to your tights or wear a metallic flat. Metallic shoes are actually very much on trend right now, and the best thing is they go with practically everything! 

OUTFIT #3- Sweater Dress & Knit Tights

I love the idea of this combo together...but I would be careful. I've tried something similar in the past and depending on the cut of the dress it can get caught up in the knit tights...leaving you in an embarrassing situation. My suggestion is that if you are going to pair these two that you have the sweater dress be a little more on the loose side.

OUTFIT #4- Leather + Red

I love red and black together. Now I know you said you are trying to get away from wearing black...but I would totally do a classic black high heel and a sexy black top with this. To top it all off I would put on my absolute favorite creme lip stain in Always Red.

Amanda, I hope my suggestions helped a little. I'd love to see your final looks!

For all of my other readers, if you have any fashion questions or are in the need for style tips feel free to email me at: