Tracks for Change

Snapshot Fashion is all about being in style...and nothing is more in style these days then helping those in need! A friend of mine, Kristen Terrana, has put together an amazing CD that will raise money for New Orleans musicians, entitled "Tracks for Change". This project was inspired by her trip with the AJC to New Orleans last year. There she saw firsthand that there is still much to be done in New Orleans, years after Hurricane Katrina.

This CD that Kristen put together is of up and coming musicians who have each kindly donated a song to the project. All proceeds from "Tracks for Change" sales will be donated to "Sweet Home New Orleans", a nonprofit that assists NOLA musicians in getting back home and restoring the culture in this great city.

You can CLICK HERE to download your copy of "Tracks for Change" today!!!

***UPDATE--- Now it's even easier to download a copy of "Tracks for Change"....just go to iTunes and search for it in the store!

You can download the whole album, or even just one or two's up to you, but remember- every little bit helps raise money for the New Orleans musicians who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.