The Five

Here in The Five we will be bringing you our top five must haves. Today we're focusing on the top five must have accessories for the fall. So bust out your pencils and make some notes...because this is info that you'll need to look totally hip this fall.

1) a unique necklace- This Nylon Popsicle Necklace from Urban Outfitters fits the bill. This 16 inch long chain has a sprinkled popsicle charm dangling from it. This is a don't pop into your local Urban Outfitters and expect to find it there. Buy one now for $55.
2) tights with a pattern- Forever 21 has these adorable Diamond Tights available for only $6.80! What a great deal! They are available in two colors: black and dark grey. Why bother wearing boring opaque tights, when legwear like this is available?

3) a scarf- No matter if you layer this scarf over a tshirt and jeans, or if you wear it over your leather bomber'll look amazing! This Star Scarf from Delia's comes in two colors: white-multi and blue-multi. You can get one today for only $16.50.

4) a feathered headband- Feathers are all the rage this are headbands. So putting the two together brings together one amazing look! This Lace & Feather Headband from Forever 21 instantly dresses up any look. It comes in 3 colors: purple, black, and navy. Wear one to your next cocktail party and you'll be sure to turn a few heads! And for $4.80 you can't go wrong!

5) a bold handbag- My favorite place for funky bags has to be Brooklyn Industries. They always have amazing bags with bold prints. Right now Brooklyn Industries has this Lexy Bag- Circles and Crochet on sale for only $29 (regularly priced at $62).