Dear Snapshot Fashion...

Dear Snapshot Fashion,
I'm thinking about getting a pair of skinny jeans...that is if I can find a pair that look ok on me. What I want to know is what kind of shoe would I wear with them? I love flats but I didn't know if they would look ok or not. What are your suggestions??


Please don't fear the skinny jeans. This may sound crazy, but they really do look great on just about everyone. Something that makes a fabulous pair of skinny jeans is that it has to have some type of stretch in them. You want the jeans to follow the shape of your leg...and yes, I mean even your lower leg. This is extremely important if you want to wear them tucked into boots. If you just buy straight jeans they won't tuck into your boots properly, and they'll bunch up.
As for our favorite shoes to wear with skinny jeans we suggest ballet flats, knee high boots, and high heels. We put together some of our favorite shoe suggestions below. We hope that helps you get a better grasp on what would look great with a fabulous pair of skinny jeans.

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