Interview with Rocket

We're so happy to have had the chance to catch up with our favorite female band, Rocket. If you are lucky enough to catch them perform live, we suggest you jump on this opportunity...we've seen them ourselves and they rock! Not only are they phenomenal performers, but they have an amazing sense of style. Time to talk fashion with these rockstar fashionistas...

Snapshot Fashion: If you had to describe Rocket's overall style, what would you say it is?
Rocket: Our overall style is very colorful and fun, especially on stage. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we always want our style to reflect that.

SF: What about your individual styles...
Lauren: Whatever's clever. I really just
dress how I want and try not to follow the rules. I'm addicted to buying children's vintage jackets...
Lauren C:
I seriously have a uniform of skinny jeans, old t-shirts and either sneakers or flat boots. I can't stop.
Roxie: Mish-Mosh Hodgepodge
Kristin: Black
Kelly: I'm a mix match kinda person. I'm a rocker with a twist of hipster and a dash of country.

If your band were to have a uniform...what would it look like?

Rocket: We used to kind of have uniforms! When we first started we’d all dress up as sailors or debutantes or whatever to play a show. It was really fun to do that because every show had a different theme. Then, for a while, we got really into red and black. Right now we’re going through a super colorful phase: pink, red, green, purple, zebra stripes, silver…anything goes!

SF: If you could raid any celebrity's closet who would it be?
Lauren: Mary Kate Olsen and Gwen Stefani's.
Lauren C: the Olsen twins! They look cool and I think we are the same height.
Roxie: Russell Brand. Not his clothes closet, just his hair products.
Kristen: Johnny Cash
Kelly: Lara Croft (tomb raider)

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