People's 10 Best Dressed of 2008

People Magazine has just come out with a list of who they feel are the ten best dressed stars of 2008. Here's their list:

*Rihanna *Gwyneth Paltrow *Fergie *Anne Hathaway *Kate Hudson *Heidi Klum *Sarah Jessica Parker *Michelle Obama *Eva Mendes *Charlize Theron

Just for fun Snapshot Fashion would like to make a list of our own. We actually do agree with SOME of the celebs on People's list...but definitely not all of them. Here is Snapshot Fashion's list of the 10 best dressed stars:

*Lauren Conrad *Leighton Meester *Cameron Diaz *Anne Hathaway *Sarah Jessica Parker *Elizabeth Hurley *Heidi Klum *Lindsay Price *Rachel Bilson *Diane Kruger

We'd love to hear who you would put on your 10 ten best dressed celebrity list. Do you agree with either of these lists? Go ahead and make a list of your own and share it with us in our comment section below!