Trend Block

Mini-puff skirts are a new trend that we just adore! These super short skirts are being seen all over the place. We have found three that we just had to share with our readers---

Elastic-Waist Skirt from Alloy- $26.50-28.50. This skirt is available in three colors: dark red, black, and teal. One thing that we really love about this skirt is that it has pockets.

Cranberry Puff Skirt from issarocks- $30. Issa from We Wear Things has her own Etsy shop where she makes the cutest puff skirts. Her inventory is always keep an eye out on her site!

Frozen Raspberries Skirt from Mod Cloth
- $44.99. Nothing makes us smile more than a bold purple mini. This skirt may be short, but the unique high waist makes it very sweet. Buy one and be the talk of the party!