Brooklyn Industries in Portland

Brooklyn Industries has to be one of my favorite stores. Over the last few weeks I have been reading about how they are branching out to the west coast. Currently BKI has stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Chicago...but this will all change on February 12th when they open a new store in Portland, Oregon (in Nob Hill)!

From their website:

The retail location will double as an art space, where local artists will soon have the opportunity to showcase their work. Brooklyn Industries will first introduce the gallery space with an exhibit by international artist and Brooklyn Industries President Vahap Avsar.

Brooklyn Industries' Portland location will be a 3,000 square foot retail space with an art gallery. The gallery will house timely installations, paintings, photographs, and sculptures. The unique combination of art and retail will create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that complements the creative foundation of the Brooklyn Industries brand.

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