Dear Snapshot Fashion...

Dear Snapshot Fashion,
Immediate help needed. In two days I'm going to go to an event that requires "semi-formal" attire. I have no idea what this means even after googling it. I've tried to create several outfits but I end up doubting myself that it looks either too formal or not formal enough. Help!
Addle Brained
[I've sent you an outfit before and got featured, I'm hoping my name doesn't pop up though, that's why I signed addle brained XD]

Dear Addle Brained-
First let me start off by saying that you shouldn't feel embarrassed about not knowing what semi-formal attire is. It actually is rather confusing. And I'm sure if we featured you on our site that you are quite stylish!
Now, let's move on to the question at hand...what is semi-formal attire?
The definition of semi-formal attire is rather flexible. You can wear a dress which length can go from a little above the knee (nothing TOO SHORT) to just above the ankle. You could also wear a skirt suit or pant suit. If you decide to wear a suit it should be a more elegant type suit (a silky material would work well). Another option would be to wear some tuxedo pants and a dressier top. Also, high heeled shoes should be worn.
My tip is that it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed!
We've put together a few different looks for you so you get an idea of outfits that might work for your event. We hope this helps!!!
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