Dear Snapshot Fashion...

Dear Snapshot Fashion,
I have these boots in brown and I LOVE them...but I always feel like I have nothing to wear with them. I don't have skinny jeans, I hate the way I look in skinny jeans, I don't ever plan on getting skinny jeans, so they are not an option for me. I am a bootcut/boyfriend/wideleg jean girl through and through but alas, does not allow me to show off these boots.
I love skirts though...but it's winter and I feel like brown leggings are too leggings? I dont know. Help me!
~Skinny Jean Hater

Dear Skinny Jean Hater,
First of all let me start out buy saying that you really should not fear the skinny jean! So many people have such misconceptions of these jeans...thinking that they have to be a size zero to wear them...SO WRONG! Maybe you tried on a brand that just wasn't flattering. I really do suggest going on a skinny jean shopping spree. But, if you are still totally against skinny jeans then skirts are a GREAT option to wear with these boots. I have some similar boots and I wear mine with skirts all the time.

I suggest wearing them with mini skirts. You don't want to wear them with skirts that are too long else you'll look frumpy. If you have a cute denim mini skirt that would be a great option to pair with these boots.

Yes it is cold outside...but that doesn't mean you pack away your skirts for the season. Leggings are a good option if you want to stay warm. Also, thick knit tights will keep your legs extra warm throughout winter. And don't worry about matching your legwear to your shoes. I suggest trying out some colors!

I have put together some looks that I feel would look great with your boots. I hope this helps you get a better grasp on how to wear them!

dear SF
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