Interview with Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn is quite a fashionista. I got pulled into her blog recently and got so hooked into seeing what bold colors and handmade pieces she was going to wear daily that I had to shoot her an email to see if she'd be up for an interview...and to my delight she said yes.

Here is a portion of our interview with Keiko---

Snapshot Fashion: What pushed you to create your fashion line, Postlapsaria?
Keiko Lynn: As a theatre major in college, I had no time for a regular job. I had a scholarship but didn't want to take out any loans for extra living expenses. Since I already spent a lot of my downtime altering thrift store finds for myself, it just made sense to start offering them for
sale. From there, it turned into a full time job and I began making original creations, in addition to the reconstructions.

SF: Who are your fashion icons?
KL: I often find that my style icons don't represent my personal taste. I just appreciate artistic ingenuity. I adore Iris Apfel and Anna Piaggi for their eclectic flair. However, I do have icons I look to for my own inspiration. Currently, I'm in love with Chuck, the fictional character of Pushing Daisies (may it rest in peace). I think her character's style somewhat reflects my own, so I might be a little biased. I'm also in awe of my great grandma (Moe) - she had impeccable style at my age (and beyond), and made all of her own clothing. She's the one who taught me how to sew!

SF: If you could give anyone a wardrobe makeover who would it be and why?
KL: My big sister. She is beautiful and magnetic, but she is utterly lazy about getting dressed and often looks like she is wearing pajamas. I tease her about it a lot, but I understand that not everyone is into fashion, and that's okay.

SF: We love seeing that you enjoy wearing bright and bold colors! Is there any color you won't wear?
KL: Absolutely not! I will wear any color you throw at me.


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