Dress Like a Celebrity

Rachel Bilson is one of my all time favorite celebrities when it comes to fashion. She always looks adorable when she is on the red carpet...but she also looks great when she is just running errands around town. Her laid back style is anything but sloppy.

She was recently photographed in this denim & cardigan look. I love the yellow on her. To me it looks like something most of us probably have in our closet (or could easily stop buy the mall and pick up items that we are lacking).

We wanted to show all our readers just how simple it is to pull together this Rachel Bilson inspired look. Our look is a dead ringer for the original. Click on the collage below to see where we got our items from. And good news, we tried to keep our version very wallet friendly!

Dress Like a Celebrity
Dress Like a Celebrity - by snapshotfashion on Polyvore.com

Do you ever get inspired by the way celebrities dress? Ever try to copy their style?