Go-Girl Discount for Snapshot Fashion Readers

We have a special treat for our readers today. Go-Girl has contacted us and wants to give Snapshot Fashion readers the opportunity to receive 15% off of their website from today until Friday, September 16th. You might be thinking to yourself, Go-Girl sounds so familiar! I know that's what I thought when I heard from them. They have also been all the buzz as of lately...with their products being shown on E!'s Daily 10, The Insider, The TV Guide Network, as well as countless magazines and blogs.

When I checked out their website I realized that they have some really great products for every girl on the go. Everything from on the go lint sheets, to sponges that instantly remove deodorant stains on clothing, to double sided tape for clothing. Lots of fun items! To get your 15% off be sure you enter our code, 'Snapshot'.

Thanks again Go-Girl for sharing this great discount with all of our readers!