Interview with Sheila Frank

I caught up with designer Sheila Frank recently to hear all about her new spring 2010 collection and her recent fashion show. You might remember Sheila from a past interview we did with her.

Snapshot Fashion: You recently debuted your spring 2010 collection in a show in NYC alongside Kenley Collins, Marissa Erskine, and Elizabeth Rynish. Tell us about this experience.
Sheila Frank: It was nice to come together for a cause. Elizabeth Rynish started this organization called Seam Collective. They are all about female emerging designers. It was nice to have that girl power. Haha. But the main cause was for Gilda's Club, proceeds went to their organization. Also each designer donated a garment for the silent auction. All in all great experience to be around positive energy.

Snapshot Fashion: When you started to design your spring 2010 collection what vision did you have in mind?
Sheila Frank: I was looking at my mother's porcelain doll collection. I then started to think of the Elizabethan Era and my mind started to wander around the idea of Elizabethan nightgowns. I wanted to design ready to wear, so I thought of how I could interpret nightgowns into ready to wear.

Snapshot Fashion: You used a lot of navy and gray in your designs this time around...any reasoning for your color choices?
Sheila Frank: Yes! When I began designing, I was sitting at my desk and looked out the window. The sky was a blue gray, like it was about to storm. I just felt the color palette. It just felt right.
Snapshot Fashion: Describe your spring 2010 collection in three words.
Sheila Frank: Feminine, edgy, easy.

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Snapshot Fashion: Do you have a favorite piece from this collection?
Sheila Frank: I have a few! The Ivey Romper, Otilia Jacket, and Alex Dress ( I named the looks after my models).

Snapshot Fashion: What do you feel is the must have trend that everybody needs in their closet for this winter? What about this spring?
Sheila Frank: Winter I would say faux leather anything! It's a sophisticated touch with a little edge. Layer a motorcycle jacket over a sweater that is belted over a sheer top, a pair of skinnies, super high sexy heels, and you are good to go. I believe in layers for all seasons.  For spring a breezy dress. I love when the temperature begins to turn, you still need to wear a jacket, so I belt a sweater over a simple dress. It's just easy and put together. When the spring weather gets warmer, I go for a jersey dress!

Snapshot Fashion: Do you have any tips for young designers out there?
Sheila Frank: From the get go, make sure to work with a professional photographer. You need to present your work in a professional way. Start a MySpace page, that's what I did when I first started. I added tons of people to network. Make smart choices. Starting a label is a lot easier then you think, I promise.

Snapshot Fashion:
What's next for Sheila Frank???
Sheila Frank: I'm still participating in benefits. That is my heart and soul. I feel drawn to helping others. I'm donating a dress to the Ronald McDonald House benefit on Nov 19th in NYC. I'm also working on my fall 2010 collection which will show in February during Fashion Week. Not at the tents, but close to it (I'll keep you posted). And also a summer swim collection which will be in production! I can't wait. Hopefully available nationwide.

Be sure to stop by Sheila's website and check out the rest of the images from her show.