Trend Block

Currently sequins are taking over the red carpet, runway, and even the local stores at a mall near you. What many seem to be the most puzzled with is just how to wear them. Would you believe me if I told you that you really could wear sequins anywhere? Well...believe it. I'm going to tell you how.

Immediately when I think of sequins I think of formal gowns or cocktail dresses. Wearing sequins to formal events will really guarantee that the attention that evening will be on you. So don't wear sequins if you don't like standing out in a crowd. A glittery and sparkly outfit is anything but boring. Check out Taylor Swift's look on the left. Could you imagine that dress without sequins on it? No way! The glitz makes the dress!
Are sequins only for formal events? Hardly. You can wear them to work...or even with jeans. Take for instance this jacket that Blake Lively (right) is wearing that is encrusted in sequins. She wears it over a simple pair of jeans and a plain tank top...making her outfit go from casual to Fashion Week appropriate.

Snapshot Fashion has put together a variety of looks (some high end, and some that are very affordable) for our readers in the collage below to give you an idea of the amazing sequined pieces that are out there.

Do you have a favorite item that we have shown? Do you have any sequined items in your closet that you love? If so, tell us about them.