Fantasy Celebrity Fashion League

I am super excited about the Snapshot Fashion game that has been put together for our readers. I know some of you are also very excited from all the positive feedback I have been receiving about the game. Starting this week Snapshot Fashion will be taking entries in our very own fantasy celebrity fashion league...basically it's gonna be similar to a fantasy football league but with celebrities and fashion!

For those of you that have yet to hear about the game here are the rules on how to play---

Each week you will pick 3 celebrities. You will have to email them to me by every Friday at 8pm eastern time. These 3 celebrities will be used to gather your points the following week. This game will run for 3 weeks. Each week you will be able to pick 3 different celebrities. At then end of the three weeks the top THREE scores will win an authentic Snapshot Fashion tote bag.

You will gain/lose points depending if your celebrity picks are shown on the following sites:

1) from Monday through Friday on In Style if any of your celebrity picks are highlighted in The Look of the Day section as the website's pick (the large image) you will earn 25 points. If your picks are any of the other four celebs that are nominated for look of the day (smaller images) you will earn 15 points.

2) if any of your picks end up on Vogue's 10 best dressed of the week list you will earn 30 points.

3) from Monday through Friday if any of your celebrity picks end up on Go Fug Yourself the following will happen. If they are pinned with their look being "FUG" you will lose 10 points. If they get a "Well Played" you will earn 50 points. Lastly, if they take part in a "Fug or Fab" post no points will be added or subtracted.

Updated score rankings will be posted periodically. Snapshot Fashion will take full responsibility of keeping track of the scores.

So please email your three celebrity picks to us! Remember you have until Friday at 8pm eastern time to get them in. Please spread the word of our Fantasy Celebrity Fashion League. The more people that play, the more fun it will be. And anyone can play this game...I'm opening it up to ALL of my readers!

Good luck!!!