Macy's Believe 2009

Hello readers. I know this is a fashion site and all...but a good friend of mine sent me this story today and I wanted to share it with all of you. It's about the friend (Becky) of one of my friend's co-worker's little sister (Emily)...does that make any sense? Here is her story---


Emily has known this little girl since second grade. While in second grade Becky fell in the school playground, she hurt her leg and Emily helped her to the nurse. Later the next day Em & her class found out that Becky had broken her leg, that was not the end of the news, Becky broke her leg because her bones were fragile. Becky found out that day she had bone cancer, she was in second grade,just 8 years old. For the past 3 years Becky has had ups and downs. They thought she had a chance of winning this huge battle. It seems that Becky can not win, Becky and her family just found out that Becky's tumors are growing, she is in a lot of pain and she most likely not be getting better. Her family was told to make this her best Thanksgiving and Christmas. Becky is in Em's class again this year, although she doesn't attend too many classes. It is heartbreaking to know that this little girl is suffering. She suffers in pain and doubt she suffers with sadness of why. She has and does put up a good fight, they have tried many ways to rid her body of the cancer but nothing is working. The doctors are trying very hard to find something. Miracles can happen, right?

Now for your help with a wish.  Becky has been entered in the make a wish program with Macy's.  She would like to be in the Thanksgiving Parade.  PLEASE take 30 seconds of your time and vote (you can vote every 24 hours if you want).  Just CLICK HERE.... it will take you to the "why you believe" window.....  click on enter now (trust me you aren't signing up for anything),  Becky is on the first page, the little girl on the top right.  Please vote.  
They call her Trooper Becky...she is a fighter, a real trooper.
Thanks so much for all of your help!!!