Stay Warm While Looking Cool

If you are on the east coast you most certainly are aware of the upcoming winter storm heading our way this weekend. This morning I was hearing so many different reports of possible accumulation. Some channels were saying 5-10", others said 6-12", and some even scared me by warning that we could see 16-24" in NYC! The one thing I have learned from my years here in NYC is that we rarely get snow. And the few times that we do get snow it usually melts away so fast...unlike where I'm originally from (south central Pennsylvania). The fact that they even had the nerve to say we could see a maximum of two feet of snow is seriously sending me into a panic...mostly because I HATE SNOW! I think it's pretty when it is coming down...but I wish that once I stepped outside it was sunny and in the 50-70 degree range. I just don't do well in cold weather!

I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any issues with our heat. A few weeks ago our building put in a new boiler, and ever since then we have been having heating issues...especially on the weekends. Needless to say I will be bundling up this weekend in hopes to stay toasty warm. Here are some of my favorite cold weather items that will keep you looking stylish even in the coldest of temperatures.

I don't know about you but I live in my slippers! Snapshot Fashion suggests throwing on a comfy pair to keep your toes extra warm. These Sweater Knit Slippers from Forever21 will do the trick. They come in two great colors: pink and blue.

I am obsessed with legwarmers! They are the perfect item to have on hand when the weather starts getting chilly. I actually wore a pair yesterday. Wearing them actually keeps my legs warm enough that I can still wear cute skirts when the temperature starts to dip. Check out these legwarmers from American Apparel. They are available in four fantastic colors. The only drawback in wearing them is that strangers might stop you to make Flashdance references (yes, that did happen to me once).


Do you love Zoe? You know I do! Check out this utterly fabulous Faux-Fur Rachel Vest from BB Dakota available at Fred Flare. Now I probably wouldn't wear a furry vest like this in sunny (AKA warm) California like Rachel does...but I do love the look of it and think that it the perfect piece for a chilly afternoon.

A word of advice to stay extra warm this winter...make sure you get a pair of long gloves! They will keep your hands AND arms extra toasty! I just adore this pair from Mod Cloth. They come in a variety of colors, so you'll be sure to find a pair that you must have!

If you absolutely despise getting hat hair maybe you should try wearing a pair of ear muffs. This year it seems that ear muffs are back with a bang! I have been seeing them EVERYWHERE. I love this pair of Queen Bee Ear Muffs from Mod Cloth. I really like the mustard color and the unique knit.

How will you stay warm this winter???