Pick of the Day

One item that I received for Christmas that I just cannot get enough of is this Puffer Jacket that my brother and sister-in-law got me. I had put this coat on my list because I was in desperate need of a new WARM winter coat. I had a puffy one from Gap that I had for years and this winter I just wanted to retire it. It had definitely seen better days.
One thing that really surprised me was just how warm it was considering how light the jacket feels. When I wore my old puffy coat I looked like an eskimo...or worse yet, Randy from A Christmas Story! But this new jacket is rather sleek. I love that it barely takes up any room in my closet.

It comes in three great colors: black (which I have), red, and brown. The jacket is down filled and the pockets are lined with fleece. Stop on over to Gap to get one today because they are on sale!