Trend Block

Look on the hands of any fashionista and you'll be seeing animals. Animal rings that is. They are the must-have accessory of the moment. They are so cute...this is definitely a trend I wouldn't mind following. Check out some of my favorites (all at very different price points)---

Owl Head Ring- Forever 21 ($3.80)
Pair this adorable piece with your favorite casual look. It will bring jeans and a flannel to a whole new level.

Large Animal Ring- Urban Outfitters (originally priced at $34, but now on sale for only $9.99)
I am actually pretty sure I posted this ring on Snapshot Fashion in the past. Yes, I love it that much. And now that it is on sale I love it even more!

 Peter Golden Tail Ring- ModCloth ($14.99)
This ring seriously is just too cute for words. I think I'd wear it with just about everything.

Judith Jack Onyx Snake Ring- Bloomingdale's ($195)
This ring would just look fabulous worn out on a Friday night. I don't normally like snakes at all...but the green eyes on this one win over my heart!