Dear Snapshot Fashion...

This morning I received a comment from a very stylish blogger, Diya.

She asked:
I've been looking for a simple, thin black and white striped form-fitting long sleeve top and you'll think they're everywhere but I can't find one! Can you help?

So I took it upon myself to help out a fellow fashionista. This request didn't sound too difficult because I swear I see these tops everywhere. But, to my surprise this was the hardest thing to come by! Maybe a few months ago before the spring clothing was put out it might have been a bit more common to find. Now Diya, if you change your mind and are fine with short sleeves, cardigans, 3/4 sleeves, or different colors...let me know. Because I came across a TON of those.

Can you believe I found ONE top? ONE! O-N-E!!!!!! And technically it isn't even really a top...but a bodysuit. Personally, I love bodysuits. I tend to wear my tops tucked in most of the time, and wearing a bodysuit just keeps everything neatly in place.

This Printed Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit from American Apparel will do the trick for you! And as an added bonus, the back of this is AMAZING! Don't you think? For $36 this bodysuit is a must have. No matter if you wear it with jeans, black pants, or a mini'll always look fabulous in it.

Diya, I really hope this helped a little!!!

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