My Style

I never really got too involved with including images of my own personal style here on Snapshot Fashion. But sometimes I put together outfits that I think are too cute not to post.

Often on the weekends I find myself dressing up. I have tons of skirts that are a little too short for work, so on the weekend I love to wear them. Even though I don't have a dress code at the office I just don't think miniskirts are all that appropriate. Today was a little bit on the chilly side (after the 20 inches of snow we got yesterday), so I wore my outfit with some very thick knit tights.

long sleeve tee- Old Navy
denim blazer- H&M
skirt- H&M
belt- H&M
tights- H&M
boots- Wanted from

My dog Rocko (he's a lhasa-poo) wanted to get in on the photos too. Isn't he a cutie???

What do you think? Should I make My Style a regular feature on Snapshot Fashion? Or are there already enough blogs out there filled with outfit posts that you really don't need another one. Let me know your thoughts!  :-)