Bag Tag!

One of my favorite bloggers, Sharon from elisharon, tagged me in a Bag Tag today. Here we're showing off what we have in our handbags. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble...but my bag contents weren't all that exciting.

I recently got this purse from my good friend Erin for my birthday. I just love oversized bags, don't you?

My contents:
~Snapshot Fashion business cards
~nail file
~tons of lipgloss (because you can never have enough)
~cell phone
~work ID
~book (I love Laurie Notaro's books!)

Now it is my turn to tag some of my favorite bloggers---
Erika from Cafe Fashionista
Nubia from Nubia's Nonsense
Starr Crow from A Thought Is The Blossom

TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!