*Get Styled*

Some of you know this already, but for those of you that don't a dream job of mine is to be a fashion stylist. My inner control freak wants to tell EVERYONE what they should (and shouldn't) wear. I thought it would be fun to share some of my styling ideas on Snapshot Fashion in a new regular post called *Get Styled*.

Today I'm taking on a girl that has her very own distinct style: Taylor Momsen. Now don't get me wrong, I love an edgy rocker look...but I think Taylor pushes this look a tad too far. I mean, the fact that she is ONLY 16 leaves me speechless! Gosh, if I was 16 and tried to dress like this my mother wouldn't let me leave the house.

Here I put together a number of age appropriate rocker looks that any 16 year old would love to wear.

Which look that I created is your favorite? Do you think they are more age appropriate, or not edgy enough?

Do you think there is anything innappropriate with what Taylor typically wears? Let's discuss...