*Get Styled*

Today's offender---Mischa Barton.

Over the years Mischa's personal style has made me...sad. Sad because every once in a while she goes out to an event and actually looks nice, and I think to myself WHY CAN'T SHE ALWAYS LOOK THIS GOOD?!?!?! She even played a super stylish character on the O.C., so you think she would have learned a thing or two about fashion.

Mischa, I have finally had enough! Enough of the mom jeans, high waisted shorts, unflattering rompers, and clothing that just doesn't fit you anymore. You are by NO MEANS fat, but the items you often wear make you look a good 20-30 pounds heavier than you actually are. Come on, you can dress better than this! I've put together three great looks that would look fabulous on you.

What do you think of Mischa's personal style? Are you a fan of it? Do you think her wardrobe needs some revamping???