Would You Wear This?

Ginnifer Goodwin showed up to the Genesis Awards in Beverly Hills wearing this crimson lace Valentino dress. To be honest, I have some mixed feelings about this look. To start off, I really do love the color of this dress on her. She really stands out in the crowd in this bold color. And the length of this dress is makes her legs look like they go on for miles.

But there are two things that I don't love about this look. First off is the fact that she is wearing no (visible) jewelry. Throwing on some earrings or a necklace could make such a huge difference in this look. Secondly, I absolutely HATE the neckline of this frock. It just looks too harsh on her. I would have loved to see it wish either a deep-V or a sweetheart neckline. 

What do you think of this look? If you had to opportunity to wear it, would you???