Fashion Blogger/Reader Meet-Up

So it's been quite a while since I have attended or thrown a blogger meet-up. Over the last week I have been thinking about trying to throw another meet-up (in NYC) in the very near future and was wondering if there is much interest in this. I always think that meeting our readers and other bloggers is such a fantastic opportunity to network and make friends.

Some ideas I was having for themes are:
~clothing swap
~come as your favorite fashionable character
.......but those are just a few ideas. I want this to be fun.  :-)   I want to see who is interested in getting together first before I get any details planned.

Please leave me a comment on here or send me an email ( to let me know if you'd be interested in such an event. Again this event will take place in NYC. Also, let me know if there are any dates that would work better for you.