Prom 2010

It's that time of year again...time for teens to dress up like Cinderella, get all made up, schedule a hair appointment, and book that limo. That's right, prom season is upon us! If you are heading to prom this spring Snapshot Fashion has some adorable prom dresses picked out for you. I have to admit, some of these dresses are so cute I'd wear them now (even though my senior prom was 11 years ago...*sigh*).

Wearing a black and/or white look is always in style. I remember my prom dress was black...and when I look back at my prom pictures I'm not at all embarrassed by my dress.

We've picked out some adorable dresses for girls with curves. I am so in love with the multi-hued purple dress (bottom row, center).

Long gowns are still very much in style too. Here are some dresses that are beyond elegant.

Every time I think of PROM I have to think of Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink.

If you are going to prom this year what will you wear?
If you need more help in selecting a dress contact Snapshot Fashion and we'll help you out! Consider us your personal stylist.  :-)