Fashion Blogger of the Week

This week we're featuring one of my daily favorite blog from Hawaii--- elisharon. Sharon from elisharon is always showing us her fabulous style, delicious looking local food, and tons of DIY.

Why did you start blogging?
I couldn't answer this question on my own, because I forgot! I asked a couple friends and they answered: “I want. I need. I have”. Ha ha! Then it all came back to me. I wanted a blog that showed the things I wanted, NEEDED.. and then purchased. I guess that theme still lingers, but my blog is also so much more than that now. I wouldn't call it a “fashion blog”… but more of a personal/lifestyle blog. I blog about things I love, like, hate, want to try, and everything under the big sunny skies of Maui! I didn't think my blog would really take off the way it has. I've connected with a lot of amazing people. Looking forward to where this year will take me and my little blog. :)

How would you describe your personal style?
I don’t like to define my personal style, because it’s always changing. I love trying anything and everything. If it works on me, then great. If not, I'll ditch it, then I move on. I like experimenting with fashion. It’s one of the best ways of self expression. And for those that know me in “real life”, I truly do love expressing myself! Well, I guess if I did have to describe my style, I’d sum it up with one word; Eclectic.

If you could raid anyone's closet, who would it be and why?
Carrie Bradshaw. Talk about Eclecticism, she was beaming with it! I love that. How amazing would it be to own all those designer duds she sported throughout the series!? I also love and will always love her closet! AMAZING!

Who would you love to give a wardrobe makeover?
No one really. Like I said earlier… fashion is about self-expression, so to each his/her own. Ooooo wait… I actually do have someone in mind. It would have to be one of my best friends, Wendy. I’m sure if given the opportunity, she’d love to get a wardrobe makeover too. Wendy doesn’t have “bad style”. She’s a little hottie when she gets dolled up, but she’s also a busy mom of two and fashion/style is probably one of the last things on her mind. Wendy once told me that when she was in high school she was Wet Seal's “Number ONE shopper”. Hee hee.

If you could give one fashion tip to anyone, what would it be?
Embrace your individual style and although it’s always fun to follow trends, don’t follow them blindly. Have fun with fashion and don't take it too seriously.

and now time for some fun QUICK FIRE QUESTIONS---

gold or silver?

heels or flats?
Heels. The higher, the better!

vintage or DIY?

front row or backstage?

lipstick or lipgloss?

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