Trend Block

This summer has been insanely hot, so it makes sense to want your clothing to have less material than normal. Bring on the strapless minidresses! These dresses are all over the red carpet. This is a trend that even Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie agree on. It really is the best option for a night out. You'll look very hot while remaining incredibly cool.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities showing off the strapless minidress trend---

Angelina Jolie wearing Emporio Armani

Naomi Watts wearing Gucci

Jennifer Aniston wearing Valentino

Selena Gomez wearing Christian Cota

Can't afford these expensive designer dresses? Yeah, me neither. No worries. I did find some really amazing strapless minidresses that are sure to please your wallet (all shown are under $100). Click on the collage below to see where you can purchase them.