Back To Pennsylvania

So it is official. I have left New York City...and moved back to my homestate of Pennsylvania. I know some of you are probably thinking, WHY WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE NYC!?!?!?!?! I could really tell you all the reasons...but trust me that would make this a very long post. Basically my husband and I just grew out of the city lifestyle, wanted to be closer to some family and friends, and needed more space.

One thing I will miss about NYC will have to be the shopping, the great fashion bloggers I have met along the way, and all the opportunities for Snapshot Fashion. So many people have been asking me if I will be keeping the blog up and running now that I moved. The answer is...OF COURSE I WILL! I'll always be interested in shopping and fashion. I love shopping so much, I actually just moved across the street from an outlet (seriously)! Hahaha! My physical location won't make any difference on my blog.

I have been spending the last few days unpacking and getting settled in to our new place (I still have so much to unpack...ugh!). I'd say that regular Snapshot Fashion posts will be getting back to normal in the very near future. Stick around...I have some great things in store for readers!