Interview with Tucked. The Blog.

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday, and are anticipating a wonderful weekend (I know I am!).

Every so often I find amazing blogs that I just have to share with my readers. A type of fashion blog that I don't normally talk about are men's fashion blogs. Honestly, I haven't ran into too many that I have liked in the past...BUT my tune has totally change after I came across tucked. the blog. Justin of tucked writes about mainly men's RTW collections and topics. He also does Q&A series with boutiques, companies, stylists, bloggers, etc - and those topics do include women's fashion as well. Justin has such a flawless sense of style, and is always blogging about fabulous events.

Snapshot Fashion recently did an interview with Justin---

~Describe your sense of style in three words.
Experimental, Ever-changing, Genuine

~What are the must have trends for men this fall?
There are a lot of them this year, but I'll speak to what is most exciting! Chunky knits are great for the cooler weather and can make you look handsome. They create a larger silhouette so make sure you pair them with slim pants/jeans. I absolutely love tweed for the classic and authentic look. It just looks effortlessly cool, timeless, and well-made. The three-piece suit is coming back with a vengeance. Make sure your suit has sharp lines, fine tailoring, and a modern design. I have said for a long time that silk ties are boring. Every season we go through the cycle of cotton, wool, and silk as the climate changes. Plaid ties are the new trend but I think men should seek out all ties that aren't silk. I just picked up a corduroy tie from Brooklyn Industries! Lastly, fitted sweats is a new trend this year. I'm not sure how it will shake out but I can't wait to see all the sartorialist images that are bound to come forth in the next couple of months.

~If you could give anyone a fashion makeover who would it be and why?
Just to be clear, we are differentiating between fashion and style right? If it is strictly on the basis of fashion, I have no clue. I would love to give myself a fashion makeover once a year if it came with a free wardrobe or gift card for a shopping spree! I am hesitant to talk about makeovers because of the strong connection fashion and style have to one's personality. If you bend my arm, Leelee Sobieski just from a Google on bad celebrity fashion. She is a beautiful young woman, but a lot of the pictures I see are not flattering to her contours. There are plunging neckline dresses that are gorgeous but not right for her. Sometimes her color palette has no direction. I think she has a lot of potential with the right stylist by her side (wink wink).

~Who is your favorite designer?
I will start by saying this is impossible. I am a huge fan of Rag & Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville. If I could afford it, I would purchase their entire collections as they roll them out. Add to that list Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders, Billy Reid, and the three great creatives behind Idol Radec and I'm in heaven! The list can go on though. For women, I am really feeling Jason Wu and the SS2011 collection he just showed at New York Fashion Week.

~Have you always been interested in fashion?
I think my love for fashion was a gradual development. I fell in love with photography first. The ability to express yourself through aesthetics and frozen emotions. When I moved to New York, it became more obvious that people were expressing themselves in more avenues than just the arts. I have never lived in such a fashionably liberal place, and I think that opened my mind to the possibility of expressing my own emotion through clothing. New York being a fashion capital, I got hooked into shopping, street style by way of people watching, and all the amazing events that take place year round. Now fashion is what I eat, sleep, and breathe.

~Who are your fashion icons?
I think my everyday fashion icons are the people I see on the streets never afraid to take on longer-than-normal looks from strangers, or defying gender definitions to express their style. If I had to brainstorm some more identifiable icons, I would say there are a few. Tom Ford and his creations are elegant, just the spitting image of what it takes to be a gentleman of class and good manor. Although he isn't a real person, I think the character James Bond fits that same mold - elegant, dashing, but functional enough to kick butt in any situation. Frank Sinatra and James Dean are classics. I also can't get that pictures of JFK on his yacht sporting white lace ups, khakis and a crew neck heather grey sweater out of my head - a true representation of Americana style.

~For all the guys out there, if you could advice them on one outfit that they have to have in their wardrobe, what would it be?
This is such a controversial question! When I was on Wall Street, I would have said you need a suit hands down. Now I have a sort of unique perspective. I think you need an outfit that can get you through multiple settings if need be. I think every man should have dark slim straight denim jeans with regular rise. I would pair that with a dark navy gingham or checkered pattern slim fit button down shirt with a spread collor. Add to that some medium to dark brown leather oxfords (no cap toe) and a blue blazer exquisitely tailored with the authentic functional gold buttons! Lastly, you'll need a solid tie, either silk or knit. I think this outfit gives you flexibility. Put it all together and you can still have the business meeting in the late afternoon or a lunch meeting over sushi at a posh restaurant. Remove the tie and you have the perfect outfit for happy hour, gallery opening, or just errands when the air has little chill to it. Push up the sleeves on the blazer or take it off and roll up the sleeves on the shirt, and you can whip up crazy formulas in excel at the office or catch up on a good book at a local cafe. Optionality is the name of the game.

*Definitely, check out tucked. the blog. today (and have your boyfriends, husbands, and guy friends check it out too!!!).*