My Style

Over the weekend I got my hair cut and colored. It's much darker than it was (now a very deep brown)...and I love it! My hair hasn't looked this healthy and shiny in some time. I wanted to take a photo sooner, but I caught my husband's cold over the weekend. I did snap some photos...and even though my hair looked amazing, my face looked beyond ill. So today is the first day where I'm kind of feeling a bit better.

jacket- H&M
shirt- Kohl's
skirt- Elle
over the knee socks- H&M
belt- Kohl's
shoes- Jeffrey Campbell´╗┐

It is a very gloomy day here in Pennsylvania. I really would love to crawl back into bed, or even stay in my pjs all day long...but that's not going to make me feel any better. I thought I'd throw on a cute outfit to cheer myself up! Today I'm feeling very inspired by ballerinas (how I can't wait to see Black Swan), the color black, Keiko Lynn, and granny shoes.

What inspired your outfit today?