Beauty Buzz

I have been a longtime fan of Benefit Cosmetics and for Christmas I received some more of their items to add to my collection. If you have yet to try their makeup, please trust Snapshot Fashion when I say that their items really are must haves!

Sugarbomb- This is probably my most favorite item that not only Benefit has...but my favorite makeup out of all that I own! Just take the brush and swish together the shades of pink, peach, rose, and plum powder to give yourself some remarkable color. The first few times I wore this my husband was like, you look like you have a nice you have some color to your face. Even though I have an olive skin tone, I am rather pale. This product gives me just the right amount of color that looks natural and pretty. I wear it EVERY day!

Big Beautiful Eyes Palette- This palette is truly incredible. It comes with very simple instructions to make a very professional looking eye. This set comes complete with concealer, base shadow, contouring shadow, liner shadow, and two brushes. I have hazel eyes, and this set makes them look bright green and beautiful! What I love about this set is just how simple it is to make this matter what your skill level is.

Do you have a favorite item from Benefit? Have you tried either of the items that I have reviewed? Please share!