Interview with Kirsty Doyle

I recently got the chance to do a little interview with Kirsty Doyle. I am totally in love with her collection, so when she agreed to do an interview with Snapshot Fashion it put a smile on my face. Please make sure you take a second and stop on by Kirsty Doyle today!

Snapshot Fashion: What inspires your designs?
Kirsty Doyle: I am inspired by the design work I do on the stand, I use fabrics on the mannequin to create different shapes and folds. This method of design work is quite organic and I can reference different trends, this season pleats feature heavily in the collection.

SF: Tell us about the first item you have ever designed.
KD: I began making scrunchies on the sewing machine with my mum, I don't know if you could include that. The first thing I designed was a mini collection for a university project which was all in an antique cream palette, it was more like creative pattern cutting than mannequin work. The styled photographs at the end featured my little sister as a posing as a puppet on a string!

SF: Describe your collection in three words.
KD: The collection is called The Contemporary Goddess.

SF: If you could give anyone a Kirsty Doyle wardrobe makeover, who would it be?
KD: Britney Spears!

SF: What is the biggest challenge about being a designer?
KD: Keeping up with the seasons, being a retailer and a designer is like having two sides of the brain! Currently I am designing and booking appointments for a/w11 but I am in a/w10 sale in store and online but just about to launch the s/s11 in store.

SF: Which designers do you look up to?
KD: I recently got the Alexander McQueen book and his work just takes your breath away. The shows and the spectacular theatrical nature of his work is unrivalled.

SF: Where do you hope to see yourself professionally in 5 years?
KD: I would like to have at least 5 stockists, nationally and internationally and have another store.