*Fashionista Faceoff*

This week I was actually thinking about skipping this post due to the fact that I haven't been feeling well, and the weather is making me dress like a big old frump! But...then I realized that if I skipped a week I'd mess up my schedule.

I'm going up against the adorable Masoom from Style Fiesta. Our theme this week is plaid.

Masoom paired a girlie plaid top with a beige skirt. I love that she is using a pink handbag, which is making the pink stand out of her top.

Honestly this was my third outfit change...and I still don't know if I'm happy with my plaid look. My first look I realized looked just like Masoom's. My second look was just not doing it for me. So out of being purely exhausted I went with this schoolgirl inspired look. I love wearing all black with just a pop of color thrown into the mix.

Please take a minute and vote for your favorite look below!