Alexi Freeman's Stardust Film

You may remember last month we featured designer Alexi Freeman and Alexi's AW11 collection, entitled Stardust. Well...we have more news on this collection. Snapshot Fashion received an email from Alexi about a new fashion film that was made for the collection. Sequins, stripes, beautiful dresses, and stop doesn't get better than that! Check out the fabulous film below...and be sure to check out Alexi Freeman's website here

No Home STARDUST from Tom Blachford on Vimeo.

About the film---STARDUST is the first collaborative film co-directed by fashion designer Alexi Freeman and photographer Tom Blachford. Exploring the ALEXI FREEMAN AW11 collection of the same name, STARDUST takes you on a fun and frivolous interstellar journey as the two...-tone stardust sequins central to the AF AW11 collection are personified via the cinematographic technique of stop-motion. Comprising literally thousands of still images, this experimental short film is set in a surreal lunar landscape, where time and space have dissolved and the laws of nature are defied as the heroine (Kate Peck) traverses space in search of the must have garments of the season. In a fantasy world where to die for accessories and out of this world garments can be willed into existence, Kate navigates her way through space with only the stars to guide her; winking, clapping and clicking her way through a selection of the ALEXI FREEMAN AW11 STARDUST collection. This film was part of a project called No Home.