Dreamy Dresses

Lately it seems as though all I have been wearing is dresses. This is probably because I don't own any shorts except for gym shorts (crazy I know!). Maybe also because dresses have to be the easiest thing to wear. Just throw one on and you look great! Very little effort is needed.

Over the last few weeks here it's been 90-100+ degrees (often with a ridiculous amount of humidity)...so even when I put a dress on I feel gross. Just not pretty. One thing my wardrobe is definitely lacking is "dreamy dresses". Dresses that when you put them on feel girlie and pretty and like a princess. When I think of dreamy dresses I instantly think of ruffles, chiffon, and flowy designs.

Here are some of my favorite dreamy dresses out there right now. I really need to get on the ball and start filling my closet with these beautiful frocks.

Pleated Ruffle Dress- Forever 21- $27.80

 Claudia Halter Dress- J. Crew- $385

Tiered Asymmetrical Dress- Forever 21- $29.80 

Paisley Handkerchief Dress- Forever 21- $29.80