Must Have of the Moment: Mid-Length Skirts

I'm sitting here today looking a complete mess (hair in a messy ponytail, jeans, and my husband's old shrunken tee)...but I blame my scrubby look on dealing with the hurricane. I like dressing up as much as the next person...but I am in no mood today.

Being stuck inside I have been spending a lot of time organizing my closet. I have a great number of skirts in my wardrobe, but definitely not enough mid-length skirts. Mid-length skirts are huge for fall, so I really have to get on this trend. Here are some of my favorite styles:

Crimped Crimson Midi available at Anthropologie- $198

Flurried Plumes Midi available at Anthropologie- $128

Four Seasons Pleated Skirt available at Shop Ruche- $38.99

Trouvé Pleated Ballet Skirt available at Nordstrom- $88

What do you think of skirts that are mid-length? Do you love this style as much as I do???