Interview with Sugared Beauty

Organic beauty products are all the rage right now...but what sets Sugared Beauty apart from the rest? First off, I love that the owner Sarah handmakes all the products, and secondly, she makes them smell like your favorite desserts! YUM!!! And know what is very cool? I found out that Sarah lives like 20 minutes from me! We were going to get together to do this interview, but sadly our busy schedules didn't allow this to happen. I do hope to meet up with you soon Sarah! :-)

Snapshot Fashion: How did Sugared Beauty come to life?
Sugared Beauty: Sugared Beauty’s inception came during a major career crisis. In 2008, my husband and I had these nifty performing jobs in the Pacific Northwest. But just a few months after we started the jobs, the company tanked. We were sent home with a plane ticket in one hand and a pink slip in the other. The decision to start Sugared Beauty came from two things: my love for organic beauty products and the fact that after losing my job, I could no longer afford them. I began experimenting with some organic ingredients in my kitchen and soon I had a sugar scrub recipe that rivaled any other I’d tried. I started sharing it with friends and family, and before long we decided to take a leap of faith and start a business surrounding that product. Voila! Sugared Beauty breathed into life.

Snapshot Fashion: What inspires the products you create?
Sugared Beauty: The inspiration for my products comes from the kitchen. One day early on, I was elbow-deep in organic sugar and I realized that I was creating food for my skin. That lead to the idea of desserts, and from there I started imagining all these sweet treats that you could use all over your body! What’s funny, is that I don’t have a sweet tooth at all! Still, one of my favorite sugar scrubs is Chocolate Cake! It’s calorie free, which makes it even better!

Snapshot Fashion: What makes Sugared Beauty different from all the other beauty products out there?
Sugared Beauty: The Sugared Beauty difference is that my products have a fun dessert theme, are reasonably priced, and are made fresh to order. Organic ingredients have a shorter shelf life than synthetic ones, and I refuse to load my products with preservatives to increase their shelf life. I can side-step that by simply making them fresh when they’re ordered. I love knowing that each customer gets their product made especially for them!

Snapshot Fashion: What is your favorite Sugared Beauty product to use?
Sugared Beauty: Hands down, my favorite product to use is Happy Face foaming scrub cleanser. I love multi-taskers, and this product exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes all at once. Plus, the coconut oil soap I use in it has an awesome suds factor! I love to use it as a mask, and it literally erases my smile lines. My latest thing is to use Happy Face, and then smooth some of my Cocoa Butter Lotion bar around my eyes. I’m noticing a major improvement with those pesky crows feet!

Snapshot Fashion: What is the best beauty advice anyone has ever given you?
Sugared Beauty: The best beauty advice came from my mom when I was 17. She told me how important it was to take care of my skin from the inside as well as the outside. Beauty products make a huge difference, but good nutrition, staying hydrated and not smoking all play a part in keeping my skin in great shape. That’s why I love organic coconut oil. I use it in almost every Sugared Beauty product, but I also cook with it all the time. It’s starting to get a lot of attention as a nutritious food that can actually improve your skin from the inside out!

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