My Boots Finally Arrived

I have been waiting for the boots I ordered to arrive for days now...and they finally showed up today. WOOHOO! I was in desperate need of new boots for some time now, so I ordered two very affordable pair.

First let me tell you about the black pair. These are the Gomax Primadonna boots that I purchased via Piperlime. They are so comfy...and the heel height is perfect. My only issue with them is how high they come up on my leg. I have only tried them on with a skirt...and they look a little awkward. If they were an inch or two taller or shorter they would be perfect. They come up high enough that they just cover my knee caps. Awkward, right??? But, I do think that they will look fantastic with a pair of jeans.

Now let me tell you about the more casual brown pair. These are the Candie's Tall Boots that I picked up at Kohl's. I LOVE THEM! I see myself wearing these a lot. I actually don't have any brown I'm really excited about them.

Hooray for new boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!