Purple Rain

The temperatures are dropping, and the rain is falling. I just hate days like this. Can you believe they are actually calling for snow this weekend? I don't think it will amount to anything...but I guess I should get all the winter stuff out of (organized in) my closet. Maybe I'll work on that later on today. Until then, I'll cuddle up with my dog Rocko. Isn't he the cutest? For some reason he looks huge in the photo below. He's really not...the poor pooch just needs a haircut badly. Maybe this weekend?

sweater- H&M
denim skirt- H&M
knit tights- Urban Outfitters
scarf and boots- Candie's available at Kohl's

The weekend is almost here. I'm guessing a lot of you are heading out to some Halloween parties? Any good costume ideas? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays...even though I haven't dressed up in years. Nowhere to go really. I am looking forward to handing out treats (rice krispie treats that is) to the neighborhood kids on Monday night. We've never had trick-or-treaters before. Can't wait!