Covered Bridge

The county I recently moved to is known for their historical covered bridges, so I thought it would be a fun place to take some photos. The only thing that could have made these photos better was if some Amish were passing by. No dice though...just traffic going to the mall. I had to keep dodging cars so I wouldn't get hit in these pictures.

skirt- Corpus
top- H&M
blazer- H&M
tights- unknown ?
shoes- Deena and Ozzy
glasses- YSL
earrings- Tara Lane Designs

So I know what you are saying to yourself. Glasses??? You wear glasses? Well, yeah. When I remember to that is. They are only for reading (as well as watching television and computer work)...but I usually forget to wear them. I do think they are cute though, and I don't think they have ever made their Snapshot Fashion debut. So here I am looking a little nerdy.

I wanted to say a huge thank-you to Oh to Be a Muse for hosting a great giveaway the other week. I was lucky enough to win these adorable earrings by Tara Lane Designs. Aren't they so fun and cheery? I love them!