Lazy Saturday

I was running around most of the morning and early afternoon that I totally forgot to take my outfit photos outside. Well, I lie. I remembered...I just was really lazy. I think I'm super lazy today due to the fact that I skipped my workout this morning...and I only had 2 cups of coffee. So indoor photos for today...oh well! Tomorrow is always another day to shoot outside. But man it is chilly out there today. I guess winter is almost here. Let's hope the sun warms things up (and the wind dies down) tomorrow!

blazer- H&M
silk blouse- Brooklyn Industries
jeans- Lucky Brand
boots- Gomax
necklace- Urban Outfitters

I've been wearing a lot of cardigans and knits this week...looking super casual. Still in the mood for jeans today, I added some boots, a silk top, and a fun blazer to make my look a bit more dressy. My husband and I were going on a little lunch date, so I didn't think a boring jeans/sweater/flats look would cut it...

I love how flowy this top is. The pleats in it and the empire waist are so romantic looking to me. Don't you think???